Money Smart for Grades 9-12

This FREE class is a fun way to help teens (9th-12th grade students only) get smart about money!  Discussing money throughout a child's life helps to build a strong foundation for healthy financial habits in the future. This is an interesting class, full of information your teen will need for real life.  We know that questions about money can be awkward or seem hard to answer. We will engage teens in understanding the value of money and how it works, teach them to build a strong foundation by making sure their personal information stays secure, as well as introduce websites, tools, games, and apps to speak their language and hold their interest!

Themes covered in this class: 

1) Earn

2) Spend

3) Save & Invest

4) Borrow

5) Protect

***Class will meet in room 105 at BHS.***

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  Bastrop High School


  Oct 10 - Apr 3
  4:30 - 5:30 pm
9th - 12th

  No Class Nov 21, Dec 26, Jan 2 & Mar 13

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