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  • Mandarin Language Enrichment

    The highly qualified and super-friendly teachers of Manhattan Mandarin will help your child begin their Mandarin language learning journey. Your child will build a foundation of key Mandarin language skills in a fun and engaging class that focuses on tonal pronunciation, sentence building, initial character writing, numbers, family, foods, and hobbies. Songs will be sung and projects will be completed while your child falls in love with learning Mandarin and the rich history of Chinese culture. We have created a Mandarin program with a particular focus on preparing the students for success in future schools and programs in which they may enroll. We’re quite familiar with the curriculum used at most schools, and will steer the classes in that direction. We are eager to share this new and exciting program with the Bastrop ISD community! We are so proud of the team we have assembled at Manhattan Mandarin. This is a unique group of native and non-native speakers who care deeply about sharing Chinese culture and language. Our non-native speakers know what it takes to learn and love the language! Our native speakers have graduated from top universities across the globe and have dedicated themselves to being the best teachers a student could want!